The LSU Law Center established a joint J.D./D.C.L. program under which its graduates receive the J.D. (Juris Doctor) and a D.C.L. (Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law) upon completion of the 94 credit hour, six-semester course of study. To graduate, all students must satisfy the requirements for both degrees. Both the J.D. and the D.C.L. are first-level professional school degrees.

The Joint Degree Program is designed to strengthen the Law Center’s leadership role as curator of the Louisiana Civil Code and of the Civil Law generally; extend recognition to Law Center graduates, who, in order to master both the Civil and the Common Law Systems, must satisfy one of the nation’s highest course credit hour requirements; and position the Law Center as a leader among American law schools in the globalization of its curriculum.

The joint degree is a further step toward the enrichment of the curricular opportunities afforded to – and requirements imposed upon – LSU Law students.