Visiting Scholars

The CCLS welcomes Visiting Scholars from all continents. Though normally not able to offer grants, fellowships, or any form of compensation, the CCLS  offers office and computer facilities, full access to the LSU Law Library, and the possibility to participate and contribute in a variety of academic activities. Please contact Professor Olivier Moréteau for more information.

Prof. Dr. Asya Ostroukh, Russia (Spring 2010)
A Fullbright Scholar, Dr. Asya Ostroukh is Associate Professor of Law, Kuban State University Law School. She presently does research on the influence of the French culture in North America with a special focus on Quebec and Louisiana.

Dr. Nono Anwar Makarim, Indonesia (Fall 2009)
A Fullbright Scholar, Dr. Nono Makarim is a co-founder of the law firm Makarim & Taira S. in Jakarta, presently Of Counsel to the firm. He has been assisting the Indonesian Judicial Commission since 2006 in designing and administering tests to ascertain the professional suitability of candidates for the Indonesian Supreme Court.

Dr. Michel Séjean, France (Summer 2009)
An expert in legal translation, Dr. Michel Séjean was Assistant Professor at Université Paris 1 when he visited. He contributed to several translation projects from English into French: Principles of European Tort Law (Commentary) and Louisiana Civil Code (Obligations).

Dr. Tsvetanka Spassova, Bulgaria (Fall 2007 & Spring 2008)
A Member of the Sofia Bar, Dr. Tsvetanka Spassova worked at times as a Visiting Scholar and at times as an Editing Associate at the CCLS, editing the Essays in Honor of Saúl Litvinoff and working on the Digest Online Project. She is presently the Executive Secretary of the Union of Bulgarian Jurists, the oldest professional organization of lawyers in Bulgaria.

Vanessa Jiménez Serranía, Spain (Fall 2007)

Enrico Basile, Italy (Spring 2006)