Group Study Rooms

There are four group study rooms available for use by LSU or Southern law students.  Reserve your study room and time by using the on-line reservation here.  Log-in using your LSU Law Center ID and password.

Regulations regarding group study room use:

  • LSU Law students may reserve a room up to 24 hours in advance using the on-line reservation system.
  • Southern Law students may reserve a room with the circulation desk worker via the on-line reservation system.
  • Law students must leave a current student ID to check out a study room key and must return the key at the end of the period for which they have reserved the room.
  • You must have at least 3 people in your study group and they must all be present at the time of checking out the room.
  • Study groups may not block off multiple sessions for the group (i.e. one person in the group check out a room for 3 hours, then someone else in the group check it out for 3 hours)
  • You must put your name and the names of the members of your study group on the reservation or the reservation will be deleted.
  • Reservations not claimed within 15 minutes of the starting time will be deleted.

Any violation of these regulations will result in deletion of the reservation and possible study room privilege revocation.  The online reservation system will be monitored by an administrator.

New A/V equipment in study rooms.  There are group collaboration monitors in a few of the study rooms. Use this group study room technology to help you study with your classmates or work on group projects. Please visit the Educational Technology page to learn how to use this equipment.